Build Apps with Modern JavaScript [Free Course]


Learn the best of ES6 JavaScript to start building apps in React!
Instructed by: Reed Barger | Subject: Development, Programming Languages

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This is an entirely free course for anyone looking to learn the modern approach to building apps in JavaScript. In this course, we will build a JavaScript web app (with no frameworks) from scratch. The app we will build will be a Github user finder, and along the way we'll learn how to use essential development tools such as Webpack 4 and Babel, the most practical features of ES6, like classes, modules, promises, arrow functions, destructuring and the spread operator, as well as work extensively with DOM. This course was designed to teach you the fundamental techniques and features of modern JavaScript to give you a direct path to start building apps with React. Our app will be built in the same fashion that React apps are structured. In the end, we will compare our application with the same app built using React to show you just how similar they are!

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Build Apps with Modern JavaScript [Free Course] Build Apps with Modern JavaScript [Free Course] Reviewed by Nisdon Courses on July 06, 2018 Rating: 5
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