Logo Design and Branding - From Concept to Finish [Free Course]


A full and comprehensive walkthrough of my logo design and branding process in Adobe Illustrator.
Instructed by: Lindsay Marsh | Subject: Design, Graphic Design

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Have you ever been curious about my logo design and branding process? Join me for an intimate and detailed review of my process from start to finish. We will develop various logo concepts, finalizing our type, icons and layout. We will then explore color palettes and options for our logo. Creating a brand package or branding standards manual is an essential step, ours will include logo variations, color palettes, logo alternatives and any additional branded assets we can use for brand extension. Finally, we will use our brand manual to create a business card, letterhead and other assets. You only need to be somewhat similar with Adobe illustrator, so do not feel you need to be an expert illustrator user to get a ton out of this class. In fact, I decided to add a bonus section to this class which includes an introduction to Adobe Illustrator and the tools we may use throughout the class, including the pen tool and the shape builder tool. If you are already comfortable with Adobe Illustrator then you can feel free to skip that section and go at your own pace. Toward the end of the class, I have added several different types of logo design projects to walk you through. This includes a seal or circular logo design as well as a logo design for a home builder in which we utilize the grid system and font paring to develop several different concepts.


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Logo Design and Branding - From Concept to Finish [Free Course] Logo Design and Branding - From Concept to Finish [Free Course] Reviewed by Nisdon Courses on May 03, 2018 Rating: 5
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