Practical MBA Course [Free Course]


Learn Strategy, Business Development, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Finance, Accounting, Legal
Instructed by: Lawt Aung | Subject: Business, Management

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This course is designed for students at all levels who want to pursue career business or want to become entrepreneur, either by working for the company, or start a small business, or even invest in the company. The course covers essential knowledge and tools that people need, in order to be able to understand and manage entire company operation. Although, I am a MBA graduate, I am not really a fan of it due to the simple reason that it doesn't teach things that we need to know about the business world, so I created this course for people who want to learn about REAL BUSINESS practices that come from my experiences of working in different industries, including bank, fintech company, and new startup. In this course, you will learn the following topics that relate to business management and it is guaranteed that after this course, you will understand how company is established, operated, and strive for sustainable growth and you will be able to manage business operation effectively.

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