MongoDB Essentials - Complete MongoDB Guide [Free Course]


Master MongoDB database using JavaScript Mongo Shell, Robo 3T (Robomongo) and MongoDB Compass
Instructed by: Bogdan Stashchuk | Subject: Development, Databases

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Learn how MongoDB works behind the scenes. Course will be focused purely on MongoDB and MongoDB Shell. No external drivers or libraries. 1. You will start from the installation of the MongoDB. Installation will be performed on the: - Local computer Mac or PC - Dedicated or VPS server - MongoDB Atlas - Cloud MongoDB Software as a Service You will also install graphical interfaces for MongoDB management: - Robo 3T (previously Robomongo) - MongoDB Compass 2. Learn how to work in MongoDB Shell. We will discuss and explore JavaScript Engine that is used in MongoDB. 3. Study primary MongoDB data types - Strings, Numbers, Arrays, Objects, Dates etc. We will talk about JSON and BSON data types and discuss difference between them. 4. Perform all sorts of CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) Operations. 5. Study in-depth MongoDB queries and query language. Different query operators such as $or, $and, $lt, $gt, $type, $in will be deeply covered. 6. MongoDB Aggregation framework 7. MongoDB Indexes and Utilities

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MongoDB Essentials - Complete MongoDB Guide [Free Course] MongoDB Essentials - Complete MongoDB Guide [Free Course] Reviewed by Nisdon Courses on May 03, 2018 Rating: 5
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