MBA Strategy: How to Succeed [100% Off]


MBA Success and Why You (probably) Shouldn't Bother
Instructed by: Dr. Matthew Checkley | Subject: Business, Strategy

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"This course is only 5% of the work of a real MBA Strategy module, but it offers more than 60% of the benefits." Taught by a highly-experienced and award-winning MBA lecturer, this course offers these benefits: 1. In around 2 hours, you will master virtually all the "Big Ideas and Techniques" from prestigious MBA Strategy courses 2. There is a host of exercises and examples attached to support your learning 3. You can rapidly apply the tools and techniques to your own business, or to developing a successful consultancy 4. There are critical perspectives, both to help you better choose a formal Business School course for yourself, and to cut through to the strategic ideas that matter most 5. The author shares unique and potent tips and insights on strategic management to help you apply strategies with more success How would you like to learn all this from a top strategy instructor - who has published many books, articles, appeared on Bloomberg TV and the Money Channel, and developed award-winning courses?

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MBA Strategy: How to Succeed [100% Off] MBA Strategy: How to Succeed [100% Off] Reviewed by Nisdon Courses on May 13, 2018 Rating: 5
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