Complete course of iMOVIE for Mac - 2018 (Spanish) [100% Off]


Learn to edit videos without prior knowledge with everything that can be done in iMovie and become an expert
Instructed by: Marcel Gil | Subject: Photography, Video Design

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Imagine that you are in front of a river that you want to cross, in this there is a row of rocks separated from each other, close enough so that you can jump one at a time, there are times that out of impatience we want to get to the other shore as quickly as possible , so we take a big leap hoping to get there as soon as possible. But as in everything in this life, if you want to move too fast, you end up falling and retreating, that's why things have to be done step by step, and many times choosing the slowest path. You will always be free to choose, whether to take a big leap or move rock to rock. With all this what I want to convey is that the way to learn to edit videos, we must start with the first, which in this case is the organization and not despair if you do not get things fast, the first rock to cross the river, once you have the necessary knowledge you can jump to a new rock that brings you closer to the other side, in the edition, once you have crossed several rocks, these fork in several directions, here you decide which to take, but at the beginning there is to go through the first rocks that you find. This course delves into the knowledge of the iMovie edition of 0 or with little knowledge. Knowing how to progress and understand what I explain is fundamental. 1 hour and 30 of material only and exclusively video to get a simple and consolidated learning how to know how to edit. Through the course, we will see different concepts that will help us reach that goal that we had dreamed of from the beginning. The idea of ​​the course is to create two parts , the first one: that will consist of an easy and basic video as the classes progress so you can finally have your own video and know how to use the knowledge learned to other videos and the second one is to use all the tools that can be used in iMovie to date. Although I use the most professional Final Cut Pro X movie editor in my daily editing use, I teach you how to use iMovie since I started with this tool and it is impossible to go to Final Cut without starting in iMovie, besides, I show what can be done Great things with this application. If you have an iMac, surely you have iMovie, if you do not have it, no problem, in the course I teach you to download it for free. In this iMovie course, I will cover everything you need to know to start from scratch in this application and finish the course knowing how to use iMovie perfectly. Even if you have knowledge of iMovie, after completing this course you will be able to achieve things that you had not even imagined. And no doubt you will surprise your friends and family.

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Complete course of iMOVIE for Mac - 2018 (Spanish) [100% Off] Complete course of iMOVIE for Mac - 2018 (Spanish) [100% Off] Reviewed by Nisdon Courses on May 13, 2018 Rating: 5
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