Business Strategy A-Z (With Case Studies) [Free Course]


Enhance your skillset with a handful of famous business models, to become a rockstar of every business meeting!
Instructed by: Robert Barcik | Subject: Business, Strategy

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What is the general idea of this course? You have probably already heard about Business Strategy. Every business, or organisation that is on the market needs to have one. Often times, we see successful business executives making great decisions, seemingly using purely intuition. That is only partially right. Great Business Strategy intuition can develop once you see and understand several of famous business models. This is actually exactly the aim of this video. Once you are able to develop such an intuition, you can be a rockstar of any job interview or business meeting. How detailed is this course? This course does not go too much into details of some specific subject as it was build with a holistic idea in mind. In less than 4 hours of video content it will take you through all 5 major topics within Business Strategy! If you would like to go into details, Robert always encourages to do so if he stumbles upon an interesting idea which if explained in too much details would be out of the scope of this course. You can always interact with the lecturer via comments or messages. Does this course offer practical examples? Of course. While Robert talks about business models, he always tries to relate them to practice with various examples. Moreover, there are several case studies in the form of assignments that you can work on. All of this is accompanied with practice tests.

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Business Strategy A-Z (With Case Studies) [Free Course] Business Strategy A-Z (With Case Studies) [Free Course] Reviewed by Nisdon Courses on May 18, 2018 Rating: 5
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