What is Virtual /Remote Info cube? How To Create it SAP-BI [Free Course]


Step-By-Step creation of Virtual/Remote Info Cube in SAP-BI
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Virtual InfoProvider is known as InfoProviders that contains transactional data which is not stored in the object and can be read directly for analysis and reporting purposes. In Virtual Provider, it allows read only read access to the data. The data in Virtual Providers can be from BI system or it can be from any SAP/non-SAP system. Uses Virtual InfoProviders are used to provide information without any time lag and without storing the data physically. Virtual InfoProviders are structures that contains no PSA and they can handle the reporting requirement as per demand in BI system. Virtual Providers should only be used in the following scenarios − When there is a need to access only a small amount of data from the source. Information will be requested by only a few users simultaneously. There is a need of up-to-date information. Types of Virtual Providers As mentioned above, there is a need to find out when a Virtual InfoProvider should be used. You also have to find the correct type of the Virtual Provider − VirtualProvider Based on the Data Transfer Process VirtualProvider with BAPI Virtual Provider with Function Modules Virtual Provider Based on Data Transfer Process Virtual Providers based on this method are easiest and the most transparent way to build this type of Info Provider. In this case, a virtual provider can be based on a Data Source for direct access or on another Info Provider. Either the BEx query is executed or you navigate inside the query. But, a request is sent through the virtual provider to its source and the needed data is returned back. For the performance optimization, it is necessary to restrict the data, so that a reporting request shouldn’t process unnecessary data from the source system.


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What is Virtual /Remote Info cube? How To Create it SAP-BI [Free Course] What is Virtual /Remote Info cube? How To Create it SAP-BI [Free Course] Reviewed by Nisdon Courses on April 14, 2018 Rating: 5
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