The Holman Protocol [Free Course]


Regaining your health
Instructed by: Chris Bankes Sivewright | Subject: Health & Fitness, General Health

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This is a unique course owing in part to its origins (Wisdom of the Crowds) and in part to its application. The Holman Protocol is a collection of ideas, studies and interpretations that will enable you to regain health, to regain wellness - in short to take control over your life. Through a series of lectures - some quite long - and with reference to experts, studies and published articles the student is presented with a wide range of advice over the key areas that affect our lives. Areas such as exercise, sleep, stress, diet, risks, routine, fasting and the measurement thereof, are all covered. But this is an individual journey, not a prescription. Students will be presented with topics to consider and homework to take action over. The greater participation from the student, the greater the progress. It is probably not overstating it to say that lives may well be saved. This course is free in order to reach the widest possible audience.

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