Introduction to SQL Window Functions [Free Course]


Learn How Windowing Functions Works
Instructed by: Bluelime Learning Solutions | Subject: Development, Databases

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SQL window functions —also known as windowing functions, OVER functions, or analytic functions — are tremendously useful. These functions make building complex aggregations much simpler. In this step-by-step course , I will lead you through SQL window functions. At its end, you'll embrace this topic with ease and feel comfortable using window functions in SQL databases. The most popular business problems can be solved with SQL . What is the revenue growth month over month and running total revenue? Can we trust the metric, or does the data have some accidental duplicates that affect it? What are the top N orders for every month? What is the repeat purchase behaviour? All these questions have to be translated from business language to programming language. This course covers the syntax and semantics of SQL window functions. It shows how powerful they are, what the typical use cases are, and how to use ORDER BY and PARTITION BY to set up a frame for window functions. You'll also learn the difference between ROWS and RANGE clauses.

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