How to Build a State-of-the-Art eInk Laptop Setup [100% Off]


Learn how to build a complete eInk laptop using all off-the-shelf parts and be on of the first to have an eInk laptop.
Instructed by: Timothy Kenny | Subject: Personal Development, Productivity

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A quick disclaimer. Or two. Firstly, this setup will cost you about $2,000 USD to set up. If you can't afford that you shouldn't buy this course. Second. This is not a pretty sight. It looks ok, but there will be some wires sticking out. And I'm sure someone somewhere has hacked together something like this. But if they have, I haven't been able to find it. This is not a finished product. It's something that works great for me. But then again I also don't care what people think of what my laptop looks like. If that matters to you, and if the inconvenience of using something that isn't perfect and will have bugs or may fall apart on you makes you nervous, you shouldn't buy this course. This is alpha stage. it's not ready for prime time. It's for people who are comfortable hacking things together. -} This course show you how to build the eInk laptop I'm currently using as my day to day computer. I've spent thousands of dollars experimenting with different displays and different laptop candidates to find a combination that works consistently with as few issues as possible. Main Pros: 1. Works consisently 2. Low lag (can browse internet, even watch videos ok) 3. High enough resolution for using spreadsheets, any online application without feeling boxed in. 720/ < x < 1080p 4. The computer runs COMPLETELY silently. It's like reading a book. No fans, no coil whine, no other weird stuff. This was very difficult to find a computer that is liks this. 5. It runs cool. That means you can rest it on your lap for hours without getting cancer. 6. Runs Windows 10 fine. Main Cons 1. Software can get buggy (but I give you a foolproof troubleshoots 5 step guide that fixes things for me 100% of the time) 2. Wires stick out the side 3. It's hard to carry around because of it's bulk 4. You might get a lot of people swarming around you asking about your computer and have to answer their questions to make them go away. 5. The whole setup is not rugged at all. You have to treat it like a newborn baby. 6. You won't have many additional ports available 7. This is not the computer to edit 4k video on. 8. It's black and white with only a few shades of grey. 9. You must use the exact combination of display and computer I recommend, and the exact accessories, and it is only guaranteed to work for Windows 10.

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How to Build a State-of-the-Art eInk Laptop Setup [100% Off] How to Build a State-of-the-Art eInk Laptop Setup [100% Off] Reviewed by Nisdon Courses on April 03, 2018 Rating: 5
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