Data Science - Advanced Topics in Machine Learning [Free Course]


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Instructed by: Snir Madar | Subject: Teacher Training, Educational Development

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I’m a data scientist for many years, before there even was such a profession. What I'm going to say, I say from a long experience: You don’t have to know everything in order to be a professional. Knowing more models or technologies won't make you a better data scientist, and if you at the beginning of your career, learning more tools should not be your focus. If you want to become a professional data scientist, you need to develop a strong sense about data and modeling. Strong sense, not knowledge. The professionals "feels" the data and have a strong intuition about the best way to attack the problem. And that is what this course is all about. This course is about getting that data science intuition, not about the technical stuff. You won’t see any code here because the code is the easy part, and you have plenty of other courses for that. You will also won’t see complex mathematical formulas, and the emphasis will be about the intuition behind the math. Professionals know how to solve problems not models, and you will see that learning new models is easy after you understand the concepts. Note, that this course assumes you have a basic knowledge about machine learning and data. This course is not for students without any background. At the end of that course you will feel like you’ve made a huge step toward being a professional data scientist. See you at the course.

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