Create A Customer Persona Identikit Series [Free Course]


Everything starts and ends with your audience. Ensure content you create is stuff people want to engage with.
Instructed by: Nicky & Liz The Marketing Menu | Subject: Marketing, Marketing Fundamentals

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Understanding your customer is all about targeting effectively and removing any barriers to purchase by achieving customer insight and knowing the process they go through when making a purchase. With this knowledge you can work out which activity is going to be more profitable. If you don’t know what your customers’ problems are, and their needs and wants and desires you are practicing what we call anonymous marketing you need to write compelling copy for each that creates desire, provokes a reaction and in turn reveals a benefit. Here’s the thing if you spend quality time understanding your customer before they even visit your showroom, shop or website you can target your activity more cleverly and remove those all-important barriers, in many respects you need to put yourself in their shoes so that you can understand their thought processes even before they do If we appreciate what the key worries and concerns our clients have when conversing with them over say one supplier over another we can weave our sales patter around their needs so that we answer their concerns before they have even voiced them. Imagine that someone identifies what is going on in your heads even before you have raised your concerns! The Customer Identikit is designed to help you find out the exact goals, frustrations, fears and dreams of your customer persona in their exact language. It’s the first, and most important step in helping you craft bulletproof messaging, campaigns, products and ads that your customers will find irresistible. If you’ve ever struggled with copywriting or “what to say” in your marketing or ad campaigns, this creating a customer persona is for you!

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