AWS Foundation - Certification & Job [Free Course]


Certifications - Solution Architect Associate and SysOps Administrators, Job and Technology switch to AWS
Instructed by: Soumyadeep Dey | Subject: IT & Software, Network & Security

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This course will build your foundation on AWS and its multiple services, it will also thoroughly prepare you for AWS Solutions Architect Associate and SysOps Administrators Certifications. It will also cover partial topics needed for AWS Professional Certification, tune in for Part 2 of this course which wil cover rest of the topics to take up AWSSA -Professional Certification. Each topic will start with basics of that technology and go into deeper dives. For example, lets say we are discussing VPC, instead talking directly about VPC it will cover networking basics like CIDR, Stateful/Stateless Firewalls, IP address concepts etc. etc. and then it will start with VPC concepts followed by Theory & Lab. Finally each topic will end with Demo, Assignments and Quizzes (Quizzes are prepared keeping certification exams in mind). Please try complete the assignments without fail as those have been taken from real life use cases. It will not only help you in certification preparations, it will also prepare you for job interviews and make you hands-on so that you can start working on AWS in Corporate environments/companies right away. All the exercises have lab video answers as well so that if you are stuck somewhere, you can refer to those. But only check the video answers after trying the labs first.

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AWS Foundation - Certification & Job [Free Course] AWS Foundation - Certification & Job [Free Course] Reviewed by Nisdon Courses on April 14, 2018 Rating: 5
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