AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Developer: EC2, Azure [100% Off]


Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect & Developer: AWS Certification Fundamentals, Azure, Networking & CCNA
Instructed by: Easy Learn | Subject: IT & Software, Network & Security

AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Developer: EC2, Azure Udemy Coupon


Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, companies and governments, on a paid subscription basis. You can have a virtual cluster of computers, available all the time, through the Internet. The AWS technology is implemented at server farms throughout the world, and maintained by the Amazon subsidiary, but if you don’t master AWS, you will miss the opportunity to pass the AWS exam. What if you could change that? My complete AWS course will show you the exact techniques and strategies you need to pass the AWS certification, design websites on AWS, become a cloud expert and be a security specialist. For less than a movie ticket, you will get over 4 hours of video lectures and the freedom to ask me any questions regarding the course as you go through it. :) What Is In This Course? Your AWS Skills Will Be Much Easier. Except if you’re an expert at AWS, understanding AWS and the different certifications, choosing the right AWS certification, know how AWS cloud works, manage multiple AWS accounts for security, reduce impact of DDOS attack on AWS and use AWS developer tools, you are going to lose many job/career opportunities or even miss working with AWS. As what Steve Jobs, the Co-founder, CEO and Chairman of Apple Inc, says “I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster… carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison.” You can try it with no financial risk.

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Developer: EC2, Azure [100% Off] AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Developer: EC2, Azure [100% Off] Reviewed by Nisdon Courses on March 30, 2018 Rating: 5
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