Selenium Webdriver with Python


Selenium Webdriver Automation Practical with Python
Instructed by: Tan Pham | Subject: Development, Programming Languages

Selenium Webdriver with Python [Udemy Course]


What is special about this course ? Introduction to selenium by doing a bot to automate request friend on Linkedin. Practical only, no fancy things Code using Python programming language. After complete the bot, sure you will connect to a lot more friend on Linkedin What you will learn from this course ? Understand what is automate browser and how selenium work Get hand on skill by doing a real project Course summary Section 1 : Intro selenium and big picture about automate browser. And then we do install python and selenium package Section 2 : Setting up Sublime Text, a great IDE to develop python Section 3 : Show selenium by coding Section 4 : Hand on create a bot to automate friend request with linkedin


  1. Understand how selenium work in order to automate browser
  2. Create a complete bot with selenium and python
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