The Guitar Beginners' Super-Course: Play Your Playlist


Learn how to play all of YOUR favorite songs with the only guitar course that's geared toward your own musical passions.
Instructed by: Alon Cooper | Subject: Music, Instruments

The Guitar Beginners' Super-Course: Play Your Playlist [Udemy Course]


"All I have to say is wow, the quality of the production, the number of song lessons, the depth Alon goes into in his explanations. I tried learning guitar with the Fender apps with no success, but this time I am definitely sticking around. Thanks a lot!" Elle McThompson, England. Do you LOVE listening to music, and especially to songs with guitars in them? Did you always wish to be able to play your favorite songs by yourself? (maybe while singing along as well?) Are you tired of long winded YouTube lessons that get you nowhere? Or maybe you've been playing for some time, but the songs you play still don't sound good and seem like a lot of work? Did you ever think that you're just "not musical" and won't be able to do this? Well, I have exactly what you're looking for, and you're gonna love it. So if you love music - read on. My name is Alon, I am the founder of GuitarHippies-com, one of the world's top five most read guitar blogs. (* source) I learned guitar completely by myself, and I am here to help you do it too, while solving a MAJOR problem in the music teaching world: 90% of the people who start playing the guitar - quit it within a year. (** source) That's a shame to hear, but I know EXACTLY why this happens - and I worked very hard to get the solution for you. The Reason: Most teachers (online and offline) don't really consider the player's wants and needs. Most lessons' final goals are too vague, too long winded, and lack a focus and understanding of what most people are really after - which is simply to play the songs that THEY love - out of their own hands. NOT playing boring scales. NOT playing some useless, generic melodies. NOT to have a 70 minutes lecture on what's a guitar strap.


  1. How to beautifully play any rock, pop or country song on your guitar.
  2. How to find the perfect strumming pattern for any song, and strum in a steady, confident rhythm.
  3. How to press down chords in a clean, correct way.
  4. How to switch between chords effortlessly - the #1 key to playing songs fluently.
  5. 2 Hacks to quickly super-learn ANY new chord.
  6. How to develop a rock-solid sense of rhythm.
  7. BONUS: Printable 35 Campfire Songs PDF Songbook - each song has a detailed video lesson.
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The Guitar Beginners' Super-Course: Play Your Playlist The Guitar Beginners' Super-Course: Play Your Playlist Reviewed by Nisdon Courses on October 24, 2017 Rating: 5
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